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Guangfu Xu

Director – Director since 2007

Guangfu Xu. Mr. Guangfu Xu is principally responsible for formulating our strategic development objectives. He has been the chairman of Daqo Group since January 1984 and currently holds directorship positions with 30 subsidiaries and affiliated entities of Daqo Group. Mr. Xu has served as chairman of our Board of Directors since our incorporation in November 2007 until August 2023. He joined Xinba General Company, the predecessor entity of Daqo Group, in 1966 and has been instrumental in building Daqo Group from a small township and village enterprise to a leading manufacturer of electrical systems in China. Mr. Xu was named a National Township and Village Entrepreneur by the Ministry of Agriculture of China in 2001 and 2002 and a Pioneer in Electricity Industry in 2012.